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Kam Keshriya: discover the all-new you

As the requirement of sexual power is the most in this era because of the lousy bedtime and too good to be true sex scene we browse on the internet. To make sure you last longer and enjoy the full move you need to be physically and mentally ready for this.

But with time the energy level reduces and despite having the libido to go all in and enjoy the move one can’t do it. We all are working professionals and tired of mundane life. Too much pressure from our professional life is ruining our sex as well as mental well-being. To make sure you enjoy it is necessary to vitalize your body and be free from stress. But we all know this is not an easy task to do, right?

To solve the problem and enjoy the moment with your loved ones we came up with a unique formula. The product is made up of Indian ayurvedic which are being used since ancient times since the origin of Kamasutra in India.

The supplement stands apart from others as it offers the unique trait which you have always needed to bang on the bed. Try this to make your partner the happiest woman in the world. Let her flaunt the way you love her to her circle and become the man of appreciation. Let's look at the extraordinary trait this booster is going to offer.

What's extraordinary?

Manufactured by Atul Pharmacy, a company in India known for best in the class ayurvedic product. The ayurvedic mantra is designed in such a way that it will make you the new power dynamite you never imagined of. Let us look at some of the uniqueness of the male testosterone booster:

  1. Designed to make sure you last long
  2. The ingredients are of Ayurvedic blend, to help you get harder erection
  3. Increases your libido
  4. Beneficial in enlargement of penis
  5. Make the whole new experience, as a result, you get a more intense orgasm
  6. Improves the blood flow, very helpful to energize the body

Why prefer Kam Keshriya

This item is built up of ayurvedic herbs and that makes it completely extraordinary. Here are some points that will make you resonate with the point:

  1. As per conventional thinking, through going surgery there is the only way to enlarge the penis, but Kam Keshriya busts the myth
  2. This is not a traditional drug, rather it's an ayurvedic herb free from all kind of side effects
  3. It's legal so anybody who is above the age of 18 can consume if facing some problems in bed


The usage depends on the type of body and requirements. Use it as per the advice of the medical practitioner. The best way to consume the tablet is before 30 minutes of intercourse.

Side effects

As discussed earlier Kam Keshriya is made up of ayurvedic Indian herbs. And mainly ayurvedic is free from side effects. The same goes for this male enhancer. The supplement is clinically approved and tested numerous times and to date, there is not a single complaint by any consumer. Before coming into the market it is tested by numerous independent agencies.

Who cannot use

The booster can be used by everyone except these categories of people. As prevention is better than cure. Let's look at the group:

  • The person who is going through medication needs to check the recipe with their medical practitioner before using
  • The person who is suffering from any type of chronic disease needs to consult a doctor
  • Should be kept out of reach of children above the age of 18
  • Cardiac arrest, diabetes, hypertension patient need to consult their health advisor before using the recipe


The ingredients are fully natural and intend to provide the benefits you’ve desired so that you don’t need to hop from one booster to another. Here are the main ingredients used.

Ashwagandha Extract

The ayurvedic herb is used since ancient times to cure sexual problems in the male in Asian countries. The main reason behind the use of Ashwagandha extracts is to increase the strength helping you in fast arousal and intense orgasm.

Safed Musli

Assist in regulating the problem of erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, makes it easy to hold a harder erection for a long time during intercourse. Apart from these qualities Safed Musli also cures the male impotency and increases sperm motility.

Shilajit Extracts

The excerpt is best known for boosting libido and energy level. It is used since ancient times to cure premature ejaculation and other bedtime disorders.

How to use

The supplement comes in a bottle pack of 60 capsules.  It should be consumed with warm water or milk for better results.

Where to buy it

The supplement can be bought online from any website. But the risk of getting a duplicate product is quite high as the demand is large. To fulfill the demand identical yet cheap medicines are circulated in the market by fake sellers.

To buy the original booster you can go through the Pharmacy24 website. Here all the listed item is original and is sold by original manufacturers. So, there is no worry about getting scammed.

All you need to do is visit the website and add Kam Keshriya to the cart and place the order. After placement, the agent of Pharmacy24 will call to confirm the item and it will be delivered to your house within 7 to 10 days. Cash on delivery is available for ease in payment.


Males have mainly three concerns when it comes to sexual problems. Some of them are not happy with the size, some of them are not happy with the bedtime and some don’t have a proper erection. And if any medicine is doing a job for you it’s the full package you should not miss.

Kam Keshariya does the full job by curing all the problems. If you want to remain confident in bed and say goodbye to all these problems go and buy this as soon as possible.

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