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Hammer of Thor: complete details

The high consumption of porn and too good to be true sex session shown on the internet is creating insecurities in men about the size of their penis. The overhyped scenario indicates that men need to have a large penis length with a good width. Somewhat it's true as a big tool can lead to more satisfaction and thrill.

The large penis side leads to more power in bed and will blow the mind of your partner resulting in enhancing your relationship deeply. Good sex is the key to a healthy relationship and to make sure sex is fascinating, a man should do what it takes to satisfy his partner.

When we are talking about the enlargement of the penis, there are various ways. Either you can go for surgery or consume supplements. When we are talking about supplements, there are plenty in the market but nothing can be as effective as Hammer of Thor.

This is a very safe and clinically proven supplement. It is perfect for men who want more thrill in their sexual life, who want to connect with their partner at a deeper level by satisfying their needs, or who want to enhance their manhood. Let's look at some of the benefits of this items.

How this thing can help you?

The benefits of this product range from enhancing immunity to enlarging the penis. Here are some of its benefits are listed below:

  • Its mainly a food supplement designed to enlarge the size of the penis
  • With the enlargement, it also strengthens the erection
  • It’s a good fit for people suffering from erectile dysfunction
  • Helps you to last longer in bed resulting in an enhanced sexual experience

Why this is distinctive?

There are numerous reasons to go for this product. Some of the vital points are listed below:

  • Contains natural ingredients, so there are fewer to no side effects
  • The side effect is so low that you can go for it without giving a second thought
  • It gives a long-lasting effect
  • Results in strong erection which helps in lasting for longer periods on the bed
  • Good for people who are facing low sex drive

Use the below technique for best results

The capsule should be consumed twice a day after the meal or as prescribed by your doctor.

Are there any serious disadvantages of this product?

It is made up of natural products with little to no side effects but in some cases, some side effects have been seen. It's better to look at some of the side effects before buying the product. Here are some of them:

  1. Take a good meal before consuming as it may lead to Dizziness, especially if consumed on empty stomach
  2. Take your sleep properly otherwise using the item may lead to a headache
  3. Some cases of blurred vision are seen
  4. If you have a digestion problem, it may enhance and leads to indigestion

People who should take precaution before using

The supplement doesn’t have any major side effects as such, due to its natural ingredients, but still one needs to take precautions. Here are a certain group of people who should avoid using the supplement:

  • People having some medical prescription going on should consult their doctor before using it
  • Should be kept out of reach from children below 18 years of age
  • People suffering from diabetes and cardiac arrest should consult their physician before consuming it

The natural remedies making the supplement unique

This is a 100% natural supplement consisting of numerous ingredients that aim to promote better blood flow so you can have a good erection and enlarge penis size.

The main ingredients are listed below:

Ashwagandha herbs

Plays an important role in boosting immunity and testosterone level for men. A high testosterone level leads to high libido which results in intense sexual orgasm.

Safed Musli

Known for reducing stress and anxiety and promoting high libido. It uplifts the stamina in men which helps to last long in bed. It also boosts the energy level and takes away weakness from the body.


Helps to maintain the optimum temperature in the scrotum which can increase healthy sperm production and has a proven trait to uplift stamina and sexual desire.


Also known as Jaiphal, contains anti-inflammatory compounds that act as an antioxidant helping in improving mood and sexual health.

Saffron (Kesar)

Regulates sexual arousal and increased sexual functions.


Used as an immunity booster and restorative tonic; uplifts the quality of semen in men resulting in increased sperm count.


Improves digestion and sexual performance due to its aphrodisiac property. It also helps in the detoxification of the body.

Kaunch beej

Act as a good source of protein and also known as “the magic velvet bean” which helps to increase of quality of sperm.

How to consume?

The capsules need to be consumed with warm water or milk. Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

Want to buy but worried about the product originality?

You can buy it online from various websites but due to high demand, many companies produce a duplicate but identical product so it's very hard to distinguish.

There are some e-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart selling this product but the problem is with authenticity. You can’t be so sure about the sellers, so it's better not to go for these sites.

The best way to buy a genuine product is to buy from Pharmacy 24 official website. The website offers genuine items from the original sellers. All you need to do is fill-up the form requiring your name and phone number. The agent will call you to confirm the order and the product will be delivered to you within 7 to 10 days. For the convenience of customers, the website offers a cash-on-delivery option, so you don’t need to worry much.

Is it worth going for?

If you love your partner and want to add up more spice to your sexual life, you can go for the supplement. It will help you to enlarge your penis and provide an intense orgasm that you and your partner have never experienced before.

This product is for men who want to satisfy their partner completely. The item is a perfect fit for them as after using the one, their partner will never take their hands off the tool due to enhanced size and strong erection. Don’t think much and go for it if you want to deep dive into the tale of love.

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