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Ashwa Shila: the medicine you’ve dreamt for

The spice of the married life needs to be maintained to keep the relationship smooth. But sometimes due to age and day-to-day stress the spice seems to start missing. To build up the spice again in the relationship proper lovemaking is necessary. The process helps both the partners to come together and share their time. After all it is necessary to give private time to each other to express love.

To express their love both partners need to be fit and fine. But as sexual problems are arising drastically in males it's not an easy task. The common problems faced by males are low stamina, loss of erection, small penis, and many more to mention. These are the problems making a man sick all the time.

How to cope up with these problems is the main concern for males. Some people even believe that the thing which is happening is natural and we can't prevent that and there is no hope for a cure. Some people think that these are temporary and can be cured if proper medication will be taken but they don’t know how to go for the right capsules as there are numerous in the market. To solve all of your queries we are presenting you with the Ashwa Shila tablet which is the answer to all of your problems. Let's understand in detail what's so special in this booster.

What is the benefit?

Listed below are some of the benefits acknowledged by the users of this testosterone booster tablet:

  1. Made up of herbal blend
  2. Improves fertility in male
  3. Reduces the weakness faced by men in bed
  4. Relieves stress
  5. Cures all of your sexual problems

Why should I prefer this over other supplements?

As discussed earlier Ashwa Shila is a blend of herbal ingredients which is perfect for people who are resistant to medicine due to side effects as this tablet doesn’t possess any type of side effects.

It is just not an ordinary booster, apart from this it also solves the problem of asthma, allergy, diabetes and urinary disorders and improves digestion and immunity. Here are some of the key pointers making this supplement stand apart:

  • Relieves the mental stress making you perform better
  • Rejuvenate the body and health with shilajit ingredients
  • Can be ordered easily hassle-free

Best way to consume for fast result

Dosage of 2 capsules daily can lead to significant result but this should be consumed for at least 30 days consistently for noticeable result.

What is the harmful effect I may face in the worst cases?

As per the observation and the tests conducted in the laboratory across the world the supplement doesn’t possess any kind of side effects.

When this is consumed more than the prescribed dosage then there is some kind of side effects observed. In case of consuming more than 4 capsules per day, these conditions can happen:

  • Mild burning sensation in the foot
  • In some instances, excess feeling of heat in hands and feets
  • Excess heat sensation observed throughout the body

Who cannot use this?

The tablet is for anyone and everyone who is suffering from sexual weakness. But still there are some conditions mentioned by the manufacturers. Here are the them:

  1. People who are having chronic health problems like cardiac arrest and diabetes need to consult a medical practitioner before using the booster
  2. Anyone who is having an ongoing medical prescription should ask their doctor before consumption
  3. Not fit for children below the age of 18

Remedies used

It's very important to understand all the ingredients used in the medicine before taking the medication. This will help you to discover the ingredients which you are not comfortable with and allergic to.

The tablet is fully made up of an herbal blend to enhance the testosterone level in your body leading to perfect sexual health. Here are some of the main ingredients used.

Ashwagandha extracts

The substance increases the production of testosterone in men. Also assists in serum levels of luteinizing hormone and testosterone. Better known for stimulating the natural balance of sex hormones in males. Studies show that the Ashwagandha extracts are very beneficial for men suffering from infertility.


Known for increasing libido, also inculcate the sexual desire in male helping them to have a better and improved erection by relieving the stress hormone. Shilajit increases the sperm count and cures infertility in men. The ayurvedic medicine is very effective and safe, to have a positive impact on overall health.

Safed Musli

Also known as white gold, used to manage erectile dysfunction and improving sexual health. Safed Musli ingredients act as Vajikarana (an aphrodisiac) which lowers the risk of impotency in males by improving the quality of sperm produced. Apart from enhancing sexual performance the extract also cures stress and semen retention capacity.

How to consume properly?

The capsules should be consumed 30 minutes before a meal with warm water or milk for best results.

Where to buy it on cash on delivery?

The capsules can easily be bought online from any website. But these days due to the increase in demand for the product, there are many new sellers selling duplicate yet identical products of cheap quality. This way many people are being scammed.

The best way to buy the product is through the official website of Pharmacy24. All the supplements presented here are genuine and are from original sellers.

To place the order, head to the Pharmacy24 website and select buy now with one click and fill up the details. The agent will call you to confirm the order and the product will be delivered within 7 to 10 days.

Will it be my cure?

Avoiding the problems is not the easy way out. You need to take care of the problem seriously. The more you try not to address the larger it will become in no time. The difficulty if lasts long can create a bad impact on your life personally and professionally.

To avoid all these circumstances, address the problem and go for a supplement that is made to cure all of your problems. Ashwa Shila is made for those who want to get out of this normal but complicated trouble. Go and order yours before it gets out of stock.

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