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Green Coffee Capsules

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The gateway to slimness

Nowadays obesity is becoming a concerning issue for everyone around the globe. There are various factors which cause the obesity in human beings such as genetic factors, dietary habits, poor/slow metabolism and many more. What else can be more powerful weight reducing supplement than green coffee beans? So from now don’t panic, Green coffee capsules have magical role in controlling obesity and other relevant complications.

What are these items?

Basically, our natural product is made up of bean extract. As you know, unroasted beans contain excessive amount of chlorogenic acid that burns the fat and gives you a well-shaped body.


This product is effective in the following conditions:

  1. Obesity (overweight)
  2. Metabolic issues – slow or power metabolism
  3. Digestive issues
  4. Low energy and bad mood (depression)
  5. Alzheimer’s disease
  6. Hypercholestermia & heart diseases
  7. Diabetes and blood pressure (researchers have shown that taking green coffee beans for upto 12 weeks drastically reduces the blood pressure)
  8. This can be used as an anti-aging agent because it contains higher amounts of antioxidant
  9. Also beneficial to improve the hydration status of the skin and decrease it’s roughness

What is the mechanism of these capsules?

Contain higher quantity of cholorogenic acid. This acid regulates the fat metabolism and also controls the absorption of the gastrointestinal tract. In simple words, this acid quickly burns the fat by accelerating the metabolism and empowering the vitality of heart.


Green coffee capsules are made up of all natural ingredients. The following ingredients presented in this pure product are:

  1. Unroasted green beans are the major active ingredient of this coffee.
  2. Chlorogenic acid has been standardized to 50%.
  3. CGA antioxidant.

This natural product doesn’t contain artificial chemicals.


Item is safe to consume. No contraindication with any food item or other medications have been reported to the date.

Note: There is always an alert for all those individuals who have allergy with any of the used ingredients. Please check out the label before use.

Dosage guidelines

To get the maximum/desirable results, use this coffee for at least 30 days:

  • Consume before meals (one capsule twice in a day, thirty minutes before breakfast and dinner)
  • There is no dietary restriction with these capsules

Intersting information

Several clinical trials have proven that this coffee can reduce the weight up to approximately 8-12kg by the constant use for 15 days.

Clinical features

This product is 100% natural. It is clinically approved. FDA (Food and drug authority) has registered this product. It is ISO 27001 certified.

Steps to place order

Pharmacy 24 is providing you this awesome product in a very nominal price. Don’t waste your time and just place the order by following the given steps:

  • Fill your name and phone number
  • Wait for staff to callback
  • Submit your order via phone call
  • Wait for delivery
  • Pay when you get your delivery across the India

Frequently asked questions

– Is there any age restriction with the use of these capsules?

No, this is a natural product that is made up of virgin green beans. Many studies have proved that it has no harms and age-restrictions.

– Can I use it as I am having high cholesterol problems?

Scientific literature has proved its effective benefits in cutting down the higher cholesterol levels in the body. So, yes it is helpful for hypercholestermia patients.

– Are these capsules heart friendly?

Yes, these have positive effects on the overall health of cardiovascular system.

– Does it contain any artificial binder?

No, these capsules are free from artificial binders, chemicals and synthetic stabilizers. This make them perfectly safe for your consumption.

– Does these drink reduce weight even when I am sleeping?

This is a 24/7 formula. It helps in lowering the fat even during the sleep. This is the best quality of this product.

– How do these drink prevent aging?

These capsules are enriched with higher amount of antioxidants which prevent the cells from the oxidative damage. They eliminate the skin damaging radicals and support the better growth and shine of the skin.

– Does it reduce the appetite?

Yes, this has been clinically proven that these capsules control the hunger. This is a key to reduce the likelihood of developing obesity.

– Are these capsules non-stimulating?

Yes, this product is totally non-stimulating. So, you can use it without any concern.

– Does Pharmacy24 accept online payments?

No, you can only pay with card or cash delivery order.

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